5 Pinecrest Avenue, Off Independence Layout, Enugu.
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Certified Teachers

We owe our students the best and the most qualified teachers in the field to tutor and carry out knowledge transfer.

Special Education

At Pin Crest, we can confortably boost of having one of the best academic systems around with a perfect mentorship programme.

Book & Library

Our Library is stuffed with new and up-to-date books, journals for studies and research purpose for both students and staff.

ICT Boost

Our Information and Communication Technology Centre offers practical to theories taught in computer classes.

Welcome to Pine Crest Schools

Welcome to Pine Crest School, the Crest of intellectuality, a pace setting school which has been on the vanguard of academic activities, especially in Enugu since 2001. Your virtual visit is very well treasured and delightful. Thanks immensely for stopping by.

Pine Crest School was founded out of my in-born insuppressible passion for a child centred teaching and learning that would not only be fun but also made easily accessible by pupils’ affective, cognitive and psychomotor domains of learning through various scaffoldings and appropriate pedagogical techniques.

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Phylosophy of Education

Children should be given all-round learner-centered education through consistent inputs into their affective, psychomotor and cognitive domains. This can only be achieved by the joint effort of the school and the parents of the child.

Safety First

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia.

Regular Classes

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia.

Certified Teachers

As far as competence is concerned, we parade the most qualified instructors.

Sufficient Classrooms

We have more than enough classrooms, classly designed and well ventilated

Creative Lessons

Carefully, we map instructive scheme for our students that ensures easy assimilation.

Sports Facilities

We pride ourself for possessing all the basic sporting facilities for Modern day schools

Teaching Your Child Some Good Manners

Apart for pure arithmetics.spelling, science and the rest, we have been know to be guide and mentor regarding other needed life lessons.

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Our Activities

These and more are the list of both academic and extra curricular programmes in the School.

Arts Lesson

Class time: 9:00am - 10am

We have a well structures Art and painting programme in the school for our students to explore.

Language Lesson

Class time: 9:00am - 10am

Pine Crest school is a centre of excellence and we teach alot of widely sort after languages in our school.

Music Lesson

Class time: 9:00am - 10am

We import music elites and professionals for the purpose of general music mentorship for our students.

Sports Lesson

Class time: 9:00am - 10am

In the pool of Private Schools in Enugu, Pine Crest has stamped their feet when it comes to sports.

20 Years of well tailored Mentorship Experience

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